Is sunkern a dinosaur Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Its a PLANT POKEMON, technically a seed

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Q: Is sunkern a dinosaur Pokemon
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Related questions

What type of Pokemon is Sunkern?

Sunkern is a Grass type pokemon.

When does sunkern evolve into in HeartGold?

Sunkern, the Seed Pokemon evolves into Sunflora, the Sun Pokemon. Both Pokemon are plant type pokemon.

What evolves from a sun stone in Pokemon FireRed?


Where can you find the Pokemon Sunkern in Pokemon soul silver?

You can find sunkern in national park

What Pokemon do you use sun stone on in Pokemon pearl?

sunkern or gloom sunkern into sunflora and gloom into bellosom

How do you get sunkern on Pokemon LeafGreen?

It is not possible to catch a Sunkern in Pokemon LeafGreen version. The only way to get one is to trade for it.

When does sunkern evolve in Pokemon emerald?

Sunkern evolves into a sunflora when a sunstone is used on it.

What Pokemon evolve by a sun stone?

gloom and sunkern -- Depends on the Pokemon similar to the element of the elvolving stone.

How do you get the Pokemon sunkern in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Who would win in a Pokemon battle between Sunkern and Ledyba?

sunkern, stronger moves.

What Pokemon evolves with a sun stone in emerald?

Gloom and Sunkern, although Sunkern isn't a Hoenn Pokemon.

In Pokemon pearl what Pokemon evoles with a Sun Stone?

You can evolve Sunkern or Gloom with a sun stone. Gloom to Bellossom. Sunkern to Sunflora.