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You cannot. You must play off at least 1 letter from an already established word on the board, whether it is crossing the word or adding to the word. The only time you do not have to play off an existing word is when playing the first word of the game, which must cross the center star space.

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2009-12-29 12:53:18
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Q: In Scrabble can you make a word on another part of the board that is not part of any word already on the board?
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What Scrabble words end with nah?

mynah If you combine with an S or H already on the board, you can make: hosannah and Savannah

How do you make words on scrabble board?

You start the game by drawing seven tiles. If you are the first person to play, you use the tiles on your rack to make a word and place the word on the board. Words must be laid on the board with the bottom of the letters facing the bottom of the board. If you are not the first person to play, you use your letters to make a word that attaches to a letter already on the board.

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Is a premium letter box counted twice when the word makes two words?

It depends on how you make two words. If the box is already covered you do not count it the second time. However, if you make two words on a bonus box during the same turn, you count it twice. (e.g. Add a word to the top of another word already on the board.)

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