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You have to work for Roblox to get that badge. you would have to work for it.... but i doubt roblox or other admins would let you

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I'm not sure about that

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Q: In Roblox how do you get the administrator badge?
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How do you get Administrator Badge on roblox?

If you work by roblox you get the badge!

What profile on roblox is the creator's?

There are many Roblox creators at once. These are called administrators. They maintain and build the game that you see today. You can tell if someone is an administrator because they have a special badge.

How do you get the super moderator badge on roblox?

You need to work in CA for the ROBLOX Company to have that badge.

Who is roblotim?

roblotim made roblox because he has all the roblox badge's

How do you get the ambassador badge on roblox?

Well you have have to post ROBLOX advertisements. The number of WORKING links is I believe 3. If they are all working, then you get the badge.

Who is ekl11 on Roblox?

a random user that played roblox, and was never seen again,2 badges,1 badge was a veteran badge.

How do you create badges on roblox?

master badge

Who is the oldest person to play roblox?

The names of them are: John Doe, Jane Doe, and Administrator. Administrator was an old version of the user: ROBLOX. I believe John & Jane Doe don't play ROBLOX no more

How To Get The Place Traffic Award On Roblox?

There are two place traffic awards on Roblox, the Homestead badge and the Bricksmith badge. You must have 100 place visits to get the Homestead badge and you must have over 1,000 to get the Bricksmith.

Who is the administrator on roblox that takes and publishes models?

it is epic

In roblox how do you get the secret of the wind badge?

What game is this badge located in, I would need to know that for me to help you.

Get Where is Dr Octupus roblox badge?

There is none, sorry.