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it evolves porygon to porygon2

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Q: In Pokemon silver what does the up-grade you get from silph co do?
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Where do you get Upgrade in Pokemon Silver?

Silph Co.

Where can you get the upgrade on Pokemon Gold?

in the silph co. building.

Where is Steven after you talk to him in Silph co Pokemon soul silver?

still in silph co by the door he will want to trade a forrtress for a beldom

Where is the silph co. located in Pokemon soul silver?

in saffron city

How do you make a Porygon evolve in Pokemon Leaf Green?

You need to trade a Porygon holding an Upgrade. You get an Upgrade from Silph Co building.

What is the biggest bilding safron sity in Pokemon soul silver?

Silph Co.

How do you get into silph co office building in Pokemon gold?

In Pokemon Gold, Team Rocket has been defeated and the Silph Co. office building is mostly empty. The player can go inside and find an Upgrade item however.

Where do you get the upgrade in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Saffron city go to the Silph Co. Office Building and go to the officer and talk to him.after that he will give you a upgrade.

Where is the Silph co in Pokemon platinum?

there is no silph co in that game

How do you get the man in silph co to move in Pokemon silver?

You can't, unfortunately. He stays there constantly.

How do you get steven stone to talk the third time in Pokemon soul silver?

In the silph co.

What do you do in silph co in pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to go to Silph Co in Pokemon LeafGreen. You have to go there to get the Silph scope, which you need to advance.