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It should be on your Pokegear.

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Q: In Pokemon silver how do you use the poke flute on Snorlax?
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What day will Snorlax wake up in Pokemon soul silver?

Snorlax wakes up anyday, if you play the poke flute on the radio nearby it. Put the poke flute tune on, and encounter Snorlax

How do you wake up Snorlax on Pokemon Silver?

The only way to wake up Snorlax on Pokemon Silver is by using the Poke Flute on kanto radio

Where is Snorlax in Pokemon Silver?

in frunt of diglets cave use the poke flute (it is on your radio)

How do you get a poke flute in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can't get the poke flute on soul silver however you can get it on the poke radio to wake the sleeping snorlax blocking entrance to diglets cave.

How do you get the flute in Pokemon silver?

you dont and i dont think you can get it what you do is you use the poke flute chanel on the radio and if you are trying to get snorlax just put the radio by the snorlax then he will wake up and attack.

How do you get pass Snorlax in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need the Poke Flute to get past Snorlax. You get the Poke Flute after rescuing Mr. Fuji from Team Rocket at the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

How do you get Snorlax up in pokemon soulsilver?

play the poke flute

How do you get past Snorlax in Pokemon brown?

Use the Poke Flute

Who do you get the poke flute to wake up Snorlax from on Pokemon soul silver?

go to the top of the lavender city graveyard and you will recieve it

How Snorlax awake pokemon firered?

you get poke flute from guy in top of poke tower

How do you wake up Snorlax in soul silver?

you need to have a poke flute. by unknown

How do you wake Snorlax Pokemon Blue?

well first you need to get mr. fuji from the pokemon tower when your in his house talk to him he will give you the poke flute go to a snorlax use your poke flute it will awake you can use it in battle too