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Don't worry, just go back to the higher levels and the boulders will be there for you to push down again.

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Q: In Pokemon platinum what do you do if you mess up on all three boulders in distroition world?
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What do you do with the three big boulders in Pokemon Platinum-Disortion World after you've knocked them all down?

the three lake Pokemon will tell you where to move them by which way they float

Where are the three boulders in the distortion world of Pokemon Platinum?

You will have to find the three Pokemon of the lakes, they at the places where you have to push the bolders. And this is important! Make sure you bring a Pokemon with strength! And before you battle Giratina, you will battle Cyrus, and you have to defeat him!

How do you get past the distortion world maze in Pokemon platinum?

if your where the three Pokemon uxie azelf and mesprit are in a triangle you go up one floor and then you push all three boulders down an roll them in the the hole that the three legendaries are and then talk to Cynthia then like a minute later youl be fighting giratina

How do you get mew three in platinum?

there is no such Pokemon called mew three

How do you get regigas in Pokemon Platinum?

Get three Pokemon from ruby,Sapire and emerald

What are the three stater Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

turtwig,chimchar,and piplup

How do you get all three starter Pokemon whithout cheat codes in Pokemon platinum?

you cant in platinum but you could trade from Diamond and Pearl or another Platinum.

Can you catch the three legendary dogs in Pokemon platinum?


What Pokemon can you choose from in Pokemon Platinum?

the three starter Pokemon are the same in platinum as diamond and pearl. They are chimchar-fire, piplup-water, and turtwig-grass.

Where do you find TM dark pulce in Pokemon platnim?

It is in Victory Road after you've seen the three boulders

What to do after winning the 7 gym in platinum?

you will need to go at the top of mt.coronet and go at the dimension its a puzzle(it will be really hard)find the three psychc pokemon move the boulders at the right holes and follow cynthia then battle syrus and you will fight giratina

Is the Rotom key event for all three of the Pokemon games for the DS or just platinum?

It's exclusive to Pokemon platinum version.