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You cant find a "Wild" Milotic.

You must find a wild Feebas and give it max beauty then train it one level.

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Q: In Pokemon platinum were do you find a wild Milotic?
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Where can you find a wild kilia in Pokemon platinum?

you can find a wild kirlia in the Pokemon mansion area but not in the Pokemon mansion

Where to find a wild gardivoir in Pokemon platinum?

you can't find a gardevior in the wild

Where do you find a wild elekid in Pokemon platinum?

In the woods.

Where can you find wild Bronzor in Pokemon Platinum?

in mt cornet

Can you find piplup in the wild of Pokemon platinum?

Nope only in trade or starter Pokemon

Where do you get a milotic in platinum?

It is impossible to catch a Milotic in the wild, you need to catch a Feebas which is really rare, and then give lots of poffin which increases beauty to the max then it should evolve to Milotic. -Empol

Where can you find shuppet in Pokemon platinum?

there are none in the wild you have to breed Bannette

Where do you find a wild nosepass in Pokemon platinum?

in or on top of mt coronet

How do you evolve a wild Pokémon in Pokémon Platinum?

you cant evolve a wild Pokemon in Pokemon platinum you either have to catch the wild Pokemon and then evolve him/her or kill the wild Pokemon.

Where can you find wild Buiezel in Pokemon platinum?

A Buizel can be found in the wild grass at Valley Windworks.

Where to find a kings rock in Pokemon platinum?

U can sometimes find them on wild poliwhirl

Where to find Barbaroach in Pokemon Platinum?

there is a guy under cycling road or maybe it is a wild pokemon