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Nope only in trade or starter Pokemon

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Q: Can you find piplup in the wild of Pokemon platinum?
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Where do you find piplup in Pokemon White?

you cant find this Pokemon in the wild in any game. the only way to get it is diamond pearl or platinum as a starter Pokemon or threw a trade with someone who has one

Where do you find a piplup in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't find it in the wild. You can only get it from Proffesser Rowan as your first pokemon.

Where can you find a wild kilia in Pokemon platinum?

you can find a wild kirlia in the Pokemon mansion area but not in the Pokemon mansion

Where to find a wild gardivoir in Pokemon platinum?

you can't find a gardevior in the wild

Where do you get a wild Chimchar in Pokemon Platinum?

You can only get Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup as a starter. If you want to get the other starters look for them on the GTS or ask you friends.

Is piplup in pokemon plautim?

Yes, but not in the wild.

Where do you find a wild elekid in Pokemon platinum?

In the woods.

Where do you get piplup in Pokemon Vortex?

Either you start with it as a starter, find it in the wild, or buy it from the Pokemart for 500,000 Poke.

Where can you find wild Bronzor in Pokemon Platinum?

in mt cornet

Where do you get PIPLUP on Pokemon platimun?

near the beginning of the game you can chose a piplup as your starter Pokemon. Or you can tput up one of your Pokemon for a trade and ask for a piplup in return, other than these ways and cheats it is impossible to spot a piplup in the wild

Where do you find a wild nosepass in Pokemon platinum?

in or on top of mt coronet

Where can you find shuppet in Pokemon platinum?

there are none in the wild you have to breed Bannette