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No, sorry but here is a list in full of all the moves medicham can learn:

Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Bide, Meditate, Confusion, Detect, Hidden Power, Mind Reader, Feint, Calm Mind, Force Palm, Hi Jump Kick, Psych Up, Power Trick, Reversal, Recover, THESE ARE TMS AND HMS: Focus Punch, Calm Mind, Toxic, Bulk Up, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Hyper Beam, Light Screen, Protect, Rain Dance, Frustration, Return, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Double Team, Reflect, Rock Tomb, Facade, Secret Power, Rest, Attract, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Fling, Endure, Drain Punch, Recycle, Giga Impact, Flash, Psych Up, Captivate, Rock Slide, Sleep Talk, Natural Gift, Poison Jab, Dream Eater, Grass Knot, Swagger, Substitute, Strength, Rock Smash THESE ARE MOVES TAUGHT IN EXCHANGE FOR COLOURED SHARDS: Mud-Slap, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Snore, Helping Hand, Signal Beam, Zen Headbutt, Vacuum Wave, Trick, Swift.

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Q: In Pokemon platinum can medicham learn close combat?
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What Pokemon do you need to defeat Byron in Pokemon platinum?

I swept him right through with a close combat, flame wheel infernape.

How do you get the TM close combat on Pokemon platinum?

i do not think you can but you can take Pokemon to the heartscale guy and see if that move is compatible with any of your Pokemon you give him a heartscale that you find under ground he collects them

What Pokemon move is better Extreme Speed or Close Combat?

Close combat but it also depends on the level and the Pokemon doing it.

How do you teach Blaziken close combat in soul sliver Pokemon?

Blaziken can't learn close combat.

What are the best moves for a fully evolved Lucario on Pokemon platinum?

force palm,aura sphere,sesmic toss (if able to learn) and close combat (if able to learn)

Pokemon platinum when does staraptor learn a move?

Staraptor learns Close Combat upon evolving at Level 34, it learns Agility at Level 41 and Brave Bird at Level 49.

Where to find the Pokemon move close combat black and white?


Where can you buy Pokemon Platinum?

you can buy Pokemon platinum in a store called Gamestop. it should be located in your local mall, or close to it. hope that helps:)

Can emboar learn close combat?

No it can't learn close combat, the unova Pokemon that learn it are sawk, the musketeer legendaries and meloetta in pirouette forme.

When does Staraptor learn Close Combat in Pokemon Diamond?

at level 34

Can Lucario learn clost combat in Pokemon pearl?

Yes, at level 42 Lucario learns Close Combat.

Where do you get magmar from on Pokemon platinum?

In A Grass Patch Close To Sunnyshore City.