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The dark type is super effective against it, plus psychic can't hurt them, and the bug type is super effective, but it takes psychic attacks as a normal effective hit. I would suggest using beautifly or kricketune, since there isn't any murkrow in Pearl.

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Q: In Pokemon pearl what type of Pokemon beat psycich?
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What would the best type of pokemon to beat the 6th gym leader on pokemon pearl?

a fire type pokemon or a ground type

Where can you catch a geritina in Pokemon Pearl?

first u have 2 beat the Pokemon league then go on utube and type in how to get giratina on Pokemon pearl

What types of Pokemon do you use to beat gym leader fatina in pokemon pearl?

Ghost and dark type

All the cheats in Pokemon pearl you already beat the Pokemon league?

Type in (Pokemon pearl cheats) online. Go to they will give you all the cheats you need! Thanks for your time!

What level should Pokemon be to beat the pastoria gymleader in pearl?

about level 40 but use a grass or electric type Pokemon

What Pokemon do you need to beat 5th gym leader Pokemon Pearl?

The Fifth Gym in Pokémon Pearl is the Ghost Gym so use Dark-type moves.

What Pokemon should you use to beat the eighth gym leader in pearl?

ground type or ground type moves just not electric type

How do you beat 8th gym leader Pokemon pearl?

Get a strong ground type (Torterra Garchomp*) or anything that has a ground type move

What Pokemon do you need to beat the grass gym leader in Pokemon pearl?

well monferno is good if you chose him and if not you could try ponyta.any fire type Pokemon will do

How do you beat Team Galatic on top of Mount Coronet in Pokemon Pearl?

the best way to do it is use grass type Pokemon hope i helleped

On Pokemon pearl how do you beat 7th gym?

well after you beat all the trainers and destroy the snowballs a good fighting or fire type should take down all of her Pokemon its not that hard

How do you beat the 4th gym on pokem' on pearl?

Its always good to have a range of diiferent type Pokemon. If you have any Pokemon that the gym leaders Pokemon are weak to then you should use them.