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you have to recruit palkia. He is the space-wahtever dungeon. THEN YOUR STORY LINE IS NOW OVER!!!!!!!!!! But ya can still find treasures and stuff... SO IT NEVEER ENDS!! MWA-HA-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the leader of team fusion!!!! GO SKITTY+BULBASUAR

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Q: In Pokemon mystery dungeon explores of time you went to the marine resort first and you cant evolve?
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What is the code to evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explores Of The Sky?

who cares pokemon are gay.

How do you evolve machoke on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explores of sky?

I think you need a link cable to evolve machoke.

How do you evolve Squirtle in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explores of darkness?

You have to beat palkia the second time

What do you do after you evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

After you evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, you should train to level 100 then kick other pokemon's ASSES

Do Pokemon evolve on mystery blue dungeon?

yes all Pokemon evolve in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team after you beat Rayquaza and legendary Pokemon don't evolve.

What should you do after you beat darkrai in pokemon mystery dungeon explores of darkness?

evolve your main characters and try to "join 'em all"

What can you do after beating Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explores of time and darkness?

You can do extra guild missions and evolve your Pokemon and there might be more story missions you just have to wait

What level does treeko evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

All Pokemon evolve at the same level in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as in the other games. As such, Treecko is able to evolve at level 16 in Mystery Dungeon. However, evolution is only unlocked when you get far enough in the story.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon how do you evolve?

to evolve you have to get palkia and unlock marine resort

What happens when you give an item to evolve in mystery dungeon?

it will evolve into a better Pokemon

How do youmake your Pokemon evolve in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

You keep going to the end and then you can evolve

What happens after you defeat Darkrai in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

you can evolve your starter pokemon