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Your Pokemon can't evolve until you beat the game.

Once you complete the main plot of either Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, you may evolve Charmander once it reaches level 16.

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Q: Which level must Charmander be to evolve in Mystery Dungeon?
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What level do you need to be to evolve in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

my charmander did not evolve at level 18 SO HOW DO I NOW?

What do you need to evolve Charmander in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, you will need to make sure Charmander is at Level 16 and then you'll need to take it to Luminous Cave all by itself and it will evolve into Charmeleon.

When does Charmander learn a ember in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

level 8

What level does treeko evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

All Pokemon evolve at the same level in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as in the other games. As such, Treecko is able to evolve at level 16 in Mystery Dungeon. However, evolution is only unlocked when you get far enough in the story.

How do you evolve on mystery dungeon 2?

Get a high level.

What do you do after you evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

After you evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, you should train to level 100 then kick other pokemon's ASSES

What level does pineco evolve at in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Pineco will be able to evolve at Level 31.

When does Charmander evolve in Pokemon mysery dungeon blue rescue team?

it evolves at level 16 in to charmeleon then at level 36 it will evolve in to charizard

What level does marshstomp evolve into swampert on red mystery dungeon?

Marshtomp will be able to evolve at Level 36.

What level does Swablu evolve at on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

It evolves at Level 35!

At What is level does Charmander learn fire fang in mystery dungeon?

Keep leveling up and you will find out

What level does absol evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red?

Absol doesn't evolve.