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You can send your Pokemon to the daycare. If you send a male and female in the same egg at the same time they might produce an egg if you wait a while. Or track down some traniers and rebattle them with the vs. seeker. A good place you can do this is victory road.

leveling your Pokemon up in the daycare takes too long!!! can't use the vs seeker on the trainers on victory road. i usually train in sevault canyon since there are a good variety of trainers there. i fyou haven't beaten the elite four for the first time yet, train on one island and three island and on the route east of fuschia city.

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Q: In Pokemon fire red what is a good place to train Pokemon for the elite 4?
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How do you get level 100 in Pokemon FireRed?

Answer to fire red Pokemon gameCATCH 100 DIFFERENT KINDS OF POKEMON

How do you train all of your Pokemon in Pokemon fire red?

train pokemons enough to beat the elite four and then give the Pokemon that you want to train 'exp. share' until it can fight on its own.

Where is an efficient place to train your Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

At an efficent Pokemon on Pokemon Fire Red

Where is the best spot to train a spheal in Pokemon ruby?

well it's probably were there are fire Pokemon or if you have a exp share go to the elite four and keep battiling ;)

Where is the ferry in Pokemon fire red after defeating the elite four?

Same place the SS Anne was.

Where is the best place to train a fire Pokemon in yellow version?

Seafoam Islands.

Where is the best place to train level 40 and up in Pokemon?

in the elite 4 It depends if you're playing gold/silver,/ fire red/ Saphire,/ Enerald,/ Ruby/ leaf green, or diamond/pearl

What is the best place to train Pokemon in fire red before battling the elite four?

i did my training in victory road its a great place to train if you have venusaur or blastoise if you have charizard and this is true for any starter in the gym battle every person in the gym it will be worth it also for charizard berry forest

Got any advice on how to beat the elite four when your starter Pokemon was a bulbusuar in Pokemon fire red?

YES get dual types in your party and train them up to Lv70

Where is a good place to train lvl30 fire type Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

The best place to train a lv 30 fire type in Pokemon diamond would be next to snow point city because there are lv 30 Pokemon there that ice and grass but run away from the sneasel.

Where is the best place to train a fire Pokemon in FireRed?

Go to 7 Island, there are a whole lot of strong Pokemon there.

On Pokemon fire red where is the best place to train lvl 30-40 Pokemon?

At the ppl in the sea or 1 island