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well it's probably were there are fire Pokemon or if you have a exp share go to the elite four and keep battiling ;)

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Q: Where is the best spot to train a spheal in Pokemon ruby?
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Pokemon Platinum where do you get a spheal?

Ahh spheal... the pre evolution of my favroite pokemon, you need to transfer it from Ruby, Saphire, or Emerald VIA Pal Park

Where do you find snorunt in Pokemon sapphire?

no you cant. you catch spheal in Pokemon sapphire and snorunt in Pokemon ruby.

Where do you catch a spheal in Pokemon ruby?

Shoal Cave, north Mossdeep City

Where can you catch a spheal in Pokemon FireRed?

Spheal cannot be captured in Firered as it's exclusive to the Hoenn region. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald version can capture Spheal in Shoal Cave.

Where are Spheal in Pokemon Ruby?

To find spheal you have to go to mossdeep city. then go north then surf and go straight up until you see an opening to a cave. and there is alot of spheal and zubats in there

Where do you find a sealo or a speal or a walrein in Pokemon ruby?

You can only catch a Spheal, not a Sealo or a Walrein.

How do you get a spheal?

Spheal is an Ice and Water type Pokemon shaped like a round seal. In the third generation games of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald it can be found in the wild in Shoal Cove.

Where is the best place to train level 33 Pokemon on ruby?

Shoal Cave, north of Mossdeep city.

On Pokemon ruby best place to train numel?

Good places would be the ones that have a lot of bug or ice pokemon, but the best would be somewhere with steel types.

Where do you get Dragonbreath in Pokemon ruby?

train dragon types

Can you get ice type pokemon's in ruby?

You can find a spheal in shoal cave, there are also lots of water pokemon that can learn ice type moves. Ex. Kyogre, Swampert, Golduck.

What level does sealeo evolve on Pokemon ruby?

train spheal and i also can give you a gameshark codespheal:82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149D4515AC17C2BD132sealio:82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149CE85182FFEAF53F9put the all codes thugether in the cheat list and go into the tall grass.i am sure the is helping have fun and great cheating!!!