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act like your going to the 7th gym leader then-behind the house there is a pokeball and that will give u the HM rock climb

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HM08 Rock Climb can be found on Route 217, which is south of the Acuity Lakefront.

The HM can be found behind the Hiker's House there.

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Q: In Pokemon Pearl how do you get the HM Rock Climb?
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How do you get rock climb on Pokemon Ruby?

Actually, you can't get HM Rock Climb on Pokemon Ruby, its only available in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

How do you Rock Climb in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

After you get the HM Rock Climb, and a Pokemon knows it, you can approach a rocky wall, press A, and you will scale the wall.

How do you get TM rock climb in Pokemon Emerald?

You Can't Get The HM Rock Climb In Pokemon Emerald Because Its Only Availible In Pokemon Diamond,Pearl,And Platinum.

Hm's in Pokemon Pearl?

the HMs are strengh,defog,waterfall,surf,rock climb,rock smash,and fly

Where do you get HM rock climb for a Pokemon?

You find HM rock climb on route 217.

Can't get hm slave in Pokemon Pearl?

machop is a good hm slave. he can learn rock smash, rock climb, strengh,. in Pokemon emerald nincada is a good hm slave but in Pokemon pearl flash is not an hm. any water type can learn waterfal or surf espacially palkia.

Rock climb in pearl?

Rock Climb is a HM in Pokemon Pearl used to ascend cliffs and caves. It is buried in the snow on Route 217 north of a house where a hiker says he lost it.

Can you get dive in Pokemon pearl?

No, that HM was left in the Hoenn Region Time. It was replaced by Rock Climb and Defog.

Could a person give you HM rock climb in Pokemon Black?

No, you cannot get the HM Rock Climb in Pokemon Black or White.

How to get rock climb in diamond?

you get the rock climb HM and give it to a Pokemon that use it

Where do you get rock climb Pokemon Platinum?

The HM Rock climb is on route 217.

What are all the HMS in Pokemon pearl?

HM#1. Cut HM#2. Fly HM#3. Surf HM#4. Strength HM#5. Defog HM#6. Rock Smash HM#7. Waterfall HM#8. Rock Climb