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A typlosion can learn explsion

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Q: In Pokemon LeafGreen what Pokemon can learn explosion?
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How do you find explosion in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Explosion is not a tm so cannot be found anywhere. However a variety of Pokemon learn Explosion naturally such as Koffing, Geodude and Voltorb.

How can you make Glalie learn Explosion in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness?

You can't make Glalie learn Explosion in "Pokémon XD" however in order for it to learn Explosion you could trade it over to FireRed, LeafGreen or Emerald and have a Move Tutor in 1 of those games teach Explosion to your Glalie.

When does dragonair learn dragon rush in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Dragonair does not learn Dragon Rush in Pokemon Leafgreen. However, it can learn the move in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum at level 39.

What legondareies can you get in Pokemon LeafGreen?

learn how to spell.

What Pokemon can learn surf in Pokemon LeafGreen?

All Pokemon with a water-type can learn it. There are some other Pokemon that can learn it, but mostly water-Pokemon.

How does Dragonite learn Draco meteor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It can't learn that move cause it doesn't exist in leafgreen.

What moves does Magneton learn and when in Pokemon LeafGreen?

he can learn zap cannon

Can weepingbell learn gastro acid on Pokemon LeafGreen?


Where do you learn flash on Pokemon LeafGreen?

the ferry at velmiron

Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon with mean look?

Any ghost type Pokemon can learn it.

Can Butterfree learn fly in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No, Butterfree cannot learn Fly.

When does geodude get magnitude in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pokémon LeafGreen, Geodude will learn Magnitude at Level 16.