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It can't learn that move cause it doesn't exist in leafgreen.

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Q: How does Dragonite learn Draco meteor in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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When does Dragonite learn Draco Meteor in Pokemon Soul Silver what level?

Dragonite can not learn Draco Meteor by leveling up. You teach it with a Move Tutor.

When does Dragonite learn meteor rain?

Meteor Rain? Are you thinking of Meteor Mash or Draco Meteor or are you playing Pokemon Black & White

Where do you get Draco meteor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Not available before generation 4.

Does Charizard learn Draco meteor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It's not possible to learn Draco Meteor in Leafgreen due to it not existing until Generation 4 games like Diamond.

In Pokemon heartgold why wont grandma Wilma teach your Dragonite Draco meteor?

because you dragonite needs to likeyou before she teaches it to you

How does Dragonite learn Draco meteor in Pokemon heart gold?

No it doesn't, it learns it by move tutor in Blackthorn City

What level does Dragonite learn Draco meteor?

it learns Draco meteor by talking to grandma Wilma in blacthorn city or if it is in Pokemon diamond, pearl,platinum go north of solaceon town in the fog. hope this helped^^

Which Pokemon can learn Draco meteor in soul silver?

Strong Dragon type Pokemon. Such as Dragonite, Dragonair, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Latias, Latios,

Is this a good moveset for Dragonite Draco meteor thunder auqua tail and fly?


How do you get Dragonite to completely trust me in Heart Gold?

go to the lady in blackthorn city and she will say do you want your pokemon to learn draco meteor then he will trust you fully

Who can learn Draco meteor in Pokemon diamond?

Any dragon Pokemon can learn Draco meteor. Hope this helped!

Can you teach Mew Draco meteor?

No, Draco Meteor can only be taught to a dragon type Pokemon.