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Erik and Sara are NPCs in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. It is not possible to get them back together in the game.

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Q: In Pokemon LeafGreen how do you get Erik and sara back together?
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How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

Sorry, but you can't. You can trade from LeafGreen to Pearl, but not back.

How do you dual slot Pokemon from Pokemon LeafGreen to Pokemon Pearl?

On Pokemon Pearl's title screen, if the Pokemon LeafGreen game is in the GBA slot, click on "Transfer From LeafGreen" and you can choose six Pokemon from LeafGreen to transfer to Pearl, but be careful-you can't trade them back.

Mewto in Pokemon LeafGreen?

back of cerulean cave

Where to get mewtow Pokemon LeafGreen?

in cerulein cave very back

Where is ruin valley in pokemon leafgreen?

to get to ruin valley on Pokemon leafgreen you have to get the ruby in mt. Ember and bring it back to celio then go to six island

Do Zoey and Erik ever get back together in Untamed?

No they do not

How evolve machoke in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to trade it to somebody else then get it back

How does graveler evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you need to trade it then trade it back

In the House of Night series do Zoey and Erik get back together?

They do at one point, but in Tempted they break up.

How do you get the sapphire back from team rocket in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Very carefully.................................... Emo

How do you go back to island 1 on pokemon leafgreen?

going to the boat in vermillion

How do you get your eevee to evolve into umbreon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Trade it to ruby,sapphire or emerald have them evolve your evee at night then give it back to leafgreen.