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Sorry, but you can't. You can trade from LeafGreen to Pearl, but not back.

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Q: How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?
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What if you cant trade Pokemon from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

HelloSorry to say but you cant trade Pokemon from pearl to leafgreen but you can migrate Pokemon from leafgreen to pearl via the pal park

Trade Pokemon pearl Pokemon to LeafGreen?

You cannot trade your Pokemon form Pearl to LeafGreen, only from LeafGreen to Pearl; it is one way celedon city in the small house in the west

How do you get Snorlax in Pokemon pearl?

trade from firered or leafgreen

How to trade a Pokemon from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant because leafgreen is an older game then Pokemon pearl plus its a gameboy advance game.

How do you dual slot Pokemon from Pokemon LeafGreen to Pokemon Pearl?

On Pokemon Pearl's title screen, if the Pokemon LeafGreen game is in the GBA slot, click on "Transfer From LeafGreen" and you can choose six Pokemon from LeafGreen to transfer to Pearl, but be careful-you can't trade them back.

How do you trade from Pokemon pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

im afraid you cant. you can migrate from your leafgreen to pearl but not the other way around. so srry :(

Where do you find Scyther on Pokemon pearl ds?

trade from leafgreen

What happens if you trade a DiamondPearl Pokemon to LeafGreen?

you cant trade Pokemon diamond pearl with leaf green. You can only do that if you trade Pokemon from leaf green to diamond pearl.

How do you move Pokemon from pearl to LeafGreen?

you can't trade from another reigion

How do you trade with Pokemon Pearl and LeafGreen?

In pearl in the main menu chose "transfer from leafgreen" then chose 6 Pokemon from your PC then "ok" then go to palpark and they will be there to catch!=)

How do you get misdrevus on Pokemon Platinum?

There are no Misdreavus in Pokemon platinum either migrate from LeafGreen or trade with Pokemon Pearl.

Where you get a meowth in Pokemon Pearl?

You migrate the Meowth from Pokemon Firered/ Leafgreen/ Emerald. Or, you can trade from the GTS.

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