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No Pokemon, in any games, hole a shiny stone. In Pokemon HeartGold you can buy a Shiny Stone at the Pokeathlon Dome, after the National Pokedex is obtained, on Sunday, Monday, Wendsday, Thursday, and Saturday for 3,000 points.

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Q: In Pokemon Heart Gold what Pokemon hold a shiny stone?
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What Pokemon on Pokemon heart gold evolve with a shiny stone?

Togetic evolves with a shiny stone. So does roselia but you cannot get it till much later on in the game

Shiny stone in Pokemon Heart Gold?

pokethlone contest points or pick up ability

What Pokemon evolves with a shiny stone in Pokemon Gold?


What cheat code is to get a thunder stone in Pokemon shiny gold?

the code do be for gold shiny thunder stone cheat am 9001

Where is the dusk stone and shiny stone in heart gold?

Up your rear end

Where do you get a shiny stone in Pokemon Gold?

The Shiny Stone does not exist in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal it was added when Diamond and Pearl came out and if you're referring to Pokemon HeartGold, the Shiny Stone can be found at the National Park and can be won if you come in 1st place in the Bug Catching Contest.

How do I lower the shiny Pokemon ratio in heart gold while breeding?

Breed two shiny pokemon.

Does breeding two shiny Pokemon make a shiny baby in heart gold?


Where do you get a shiny stone on Pokemon Gold?

You get it by winning the bug catching contest.

Where do you get a shiny stone from in ruby?

There is no Shiny Stone in any /eneratiom 3 games (including Ruby), you can however, export your Pokemon from Ruby to Soul Silver/Heart Gold (or most of the new one's) to use a Shiny stone from that game via PalPark. Hope this helps :3

Where is the shiny stone in heart gold?

you get it in pewter city using the dowsing machine

What is the most common shiny Pokemon in heartgold?

well there are no common shiny Pokemon in heart gold but i have seen a shiny garados's and a shiny medapod. so maybe garados.