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In fire red the most powerful fire type move is really "blast burn"...

But however your charizard will recharge after it...

Its a good ally move...and also not affected by light screen but affected by protect...

You should use it wisely..

Wrong!! It is eruption. It does 150 damage with 100% accuracy. (entei can learn it).

The most powerful water type move is water spout with 150 damage and 100% accuracy.(kyogre can learn it)

i dont know what the most powerful grass type move is though. But i am sure there is one more powerful than frenzy plant.

Actually that move lowers with HP so the most powerful is in fact blast burn

Not really i know its eruption..............

actually both eruption and blast burn has 150 base power but eruption does less damage the less hp you have left so technichally blast burn is more powerful

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Q: In Pokemon FireRed what is the most powerful fire-type move?
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