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i think you can breed it with gabite im not sure

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Q: In Pokemon Diamond what can you breed a male feebas with to get an egg?
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Can you breed your male Milotic to get a baby feebas Milotic what Pokemon do you breed it with?

You have to breed with a ditto if it is a male

What do you breed to get feebas?

feebas and feebas. male and female. day care. then egg! -

On Pokemon diamond what do you breed to get the Bulbasaur?

A female Venusaur and any grass or poison type male.

Can you breed heatran in Pokemon diamond?

No. Even though Heatran can be male or female it still cannot breed as it is not in any egg group. Legendary Pokemon cannot breed (with the exception of Manaphy, which can breed for Phione).

How do you breed a feebas?

If you have a female Feebas and a male one you can leave them in the Day Care, or you can get a Ditto. (Which in certain games they are hard to find.) If Ditto is caught from the wild and so is Feebas, it'll be hard to breed them since they'll dislike each other. If you have the male and female together, it'll be easier.

Can you breed Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

Yes. If you beat the Elite Four 20 times. Then after you beat Cynthia, she will ask tyo marry you. Say yes, then she will breed with any male Pokemon you give her.

Which Pokemon can be breeded in Pokemon diamond?

any Pokemon if u have at least a male and a female one of the certain Pokemon u r trying to breed. and if u have a ditto you can breed any Pokemon doesn't matter wht gender except you cant breed legendary Pokemon

How do you breed from the starter Pokemon in diamond and pearl?

Use a ditto. Or you can get a female at the start if you make a female instead of a male person.

How do you breed a male Pokemon?

Breed it with Ditto.

Are there any trainers who have feebas in Pokemon Pearl?

I have a female feebas if u want!Just go to global world trade and find feebas.There should be one who asked for a male kirlia.Accept it as it is a very good offer.Feebas is now yours and u can breed more as it is a female.

How do you chain Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

If you mean chain breed, then you need to breed a move onto one pokemon, and breed that pokemon with the pokemon you want to have the move on. Say you want a torkoal to know skull bash, you need to breed a rypherior and bouffalant, rypherior needs to know the move skull bash, making sure the bouffalant is the male, then breed the baby bouffalant with a female torkoal to have a baby torkoal that knows skull bash. It seems like a lot of effort, but it's usually worth it, you can become unstoppable! You can do it with any pokemon other than feebas, you can even do it with magicarp, believe it or not, it can learn bounce! One of the best flying type moves!

Where do you catch a slugma in Pokemon diamond?

You can catch one at Stark Mountain (: and if your not finding any catch a male and female Magcargo and breed them