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Disappointed by his performance at the Hearthome Tag Team Tournament, Paul released Chimchar and Ash took Chimchar as his own Pokemon.

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Q: In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl did Paul give Chimchar to Ash?
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Does ash's chimchar evolve?

Ash's Chimchar evolved into Monferno in the Diamond and Pearl episode number 132 titled 'Evolving Strategies!' And again into Infernape in the Diamond and Pearl episode number 163 titled 'Fighting Ire with Fire!'.

Is paul in Pokemon Black and White?

No, why would he? He's in Diamond and Pearl anime...

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what episode did Paul and Ash be double battle partner?

In "Smells Like Team Spirit!"

In Pokemon why did paul relese chimchar?

Since chimchar didnt battle as good as expected in the tag battle tournament, he dicided it isn't worth having so he released it but then ash realising that it is very sad takes a decision to make it his Pokemon and eventually chimchar agrees to ash's decision, but for the first few episodes after ash gets chimchar,chimchar realises that ash's behavior to Pokemon and people is way different and better that paul's which makes chimchar very happy and later on chimchar forgets about paul and lives hapily with ash but later when paul had a battle with ash, ash chose chimchar and paul chose ursaring and suddenly chimchar activates a furios blaze and it goes out of control because chimchare wants to show how strong he actually is. my suggestion, go to this site and watch the episode and make sure you make an account for chatting :)

In Pokémon diamound and preal what are puals Pokémon?

paul does not exist in Pokemon diamond or pearl its just who you name ur friend (rival)

What is the Pokemon episode called when paul leaves chimchar?

i Believe that the episode is called glory blaze

How do you get to pakia in Pokemon pearl?

If you're talking about Paul, Ash's Sinnoh rival from the TV Diamond and Pearl Series, then you won't find him. That's not to say, of course, that there isn't a Trainer somewhere in the game whose name is "Paul".

What Pokemon does paul have?

Electebuzz, Honchkrow, Ursaring, Weavile, (used to have a Chimchar, but now Ash has it and evolved it into Monferno), Torterra, and a Magmortar.

How did ash get chimchar?

In one of the episodes Paul let Chimchar go and chimchar decided to go with ash and stay with him

What episode ash chimchar evolve?

ash's chimchar will evolve in a battle against Paul and chimchar will eventually collapse and faint against Paul's electabuzzit evolve in " evolvin strategies" and the number of the episode is 595

Who is the guy you see at battle park called on Pokemon diamond?


What episode does paul abandon chimchar?

Following Paul releasing Chimchar in episode 50 glory blaze and Ash offers it to join his team in episode 51 smells like team spirit and Delighted, Chimchar joins Ash.