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The first gym, which is Sissy's, can be found in the Valencia Port. (which is north of Suicune and Union Cave)

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Q: In Pokemon Arcoiris where is the first gym?
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Where can you find a horsea in Pokemon arcoiris?

I dont believe you can get a horsea in Pokemon Arcoiris but you can get its evolutions evolution,Kingdra on the first route

Brawlly location in Pokemon Arcoiris version?

Brawly's gym is the house on the beach under Ivy's lab, at least in my game.

Is Pokemon arcoiris real?

Yes, Pokemon Arcoiris is real. I have it and it is a very tough hacked game.

What region is Pokemon arcoiris in?

Pokémon Arcoiris is based in the Orange Islands

Can you fight brawly on Pokemon arcoiris?

You could. In my game, his gym is in the house on the beach under Ivy's lab, so it's possible.

What Pokémon can move things in Pokémon arcoiris?

Pokemon arcoiris was a game that was fan based and is a waste of time to figure out... You probably got scammed... Pokemon Arcoiris is not a real game.

Is Pokemon arcoiris a fake game?

Pokémon Arcoiris (Pokémon Rainbow in English) is a hack game

Where to buy Pokemon arcoiris?

You can buy it from eBay and iOffer.

Can you get a legendary Pokémon in Pokémon arcoiris?

Pokemon arcoiris is hack game.Whenyou are on P. azul you can get Suicune and I believe later on in the game you can get shadow Lugia

Which is the first Pokemon gym?

The first pokemon gym is a Rock based gym and its leader being Roaxanne.Its the easiest gym to beat :)

Can Pokemon arcoiris trade with Pokemon LeafGreen?

No because fakes can't trade with real games

What is Pokemon Arcoiris?

Pokémon Arcoiris is a hack game of Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald,based in the orange islands.You start off with a pikachu and can be either Ash or Misty