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On the second floor of the Haunted Mansion.

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Q: In Mario 64 where is the picture of lugi?
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How do you get lugi in Mario 64?

it has something to do with the star in the back

How do you get lugi in super Mario 64?

You can only play as Mario in SM64. But in the DS version, you can play as Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario.

Are Mario and lugi Italian?


Favourite Mario character?

luigi and Mario . luigi and Mario . lugi and Mario.

How do you get peach in Super Mario?

Cant only lugi and Mario

What is Mario's best stat?

Between Mario Yoshi lugi and wario Mario has the highest speed lugi is the best jumper wario is the strongest Yoshi has the best stability

Is Mario and lugi parners in time good?

first of all, its "Mario and Luigi Partners in time" not "mario and lugi parners in time". in answer to your question, no, its not good so boring it is

Who was mrl on Mario?

mr.l is only lugi in a coustume

Is Mario older than lugi?

Yes. Mario is shorter but he is still the older sibling out of the two.

Is lugi older or Mario is?

no, even though Mario is shorter than luigi he is still the older brother.

In Mario 64 for ds how do you get in the luigi picture?

its in a picture in Boos mansion in one room with a ? block use Mario then float up to the next room and it will be in there.

What is the Mario game with poker called?

Mario picture poker if you are talking about the ones on Super Mario 64 ds or New Super Mario Bros