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IF you mean the enemies you need to get the ability scan.

if you mean sora's hp bar it should be there.

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Q: In Kingdom Hearts I how do you make the hp bar appear?
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How do you make a models health on Roblox?

First you need to make sure there is a brick named "Head" in the model. Then insert a humanoid object into the model. The model's name and the "Health bar" will appear over the brick named "Head".

How do you make other sims be selectable sims 3?

Press "Ctrl Alt Delete" and the cheat menu will appear. Type in "testingcheatsenabled true" (without quotations). Then "Shift Click" on the Sim(s) you want to make selectable. Once the menu appears select either "Add to family" or "Make selectable". Then the Sim will appear on your family bar. That's all!

How do you know when you're hungry in Minecraft?

Your hunger bar is represented by a row of chicken drumsticks. Running, swimming, etc, will make the drumsticks start to disappear. When they are all gone, your character is starving and will lose life, down to 5 hearts in Normal and 1/2 in Hard. Note that if you play on Creative mode, there is no hunger bar, and if you play on a Peaceful setting, your hunger bar will never deplete so there is no need to eat.

How do you regain hearts in Minecraft?

As of update 1.8, health regenerates if the Food bar is above 18 (9 shanks) on Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties.On Peaceful, health regenerates over time no matter what the Food bar is at.Health can also be regenerated by eating a Golden Apple(5 seconds of effect) or Enchanted Golden Apple (Faster regeneration for 30 seconds).Before update 1.8, hearts can be regained by eating. Some foods regenerate more than others.On Peaceful, hearts regenerate on their own.

How do you make a gold bar in to a gold ring on runescape?

You bring a gold bar and a ring mould to a furnace, use the bar with furnace, and select 'gold ring'.

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How do you get your enemy hp bar back in Kingdom Hearts 2 if it disappears?

Its impossible

How do you get the hp bar on Kingdom Hearts 2?

you have to equip the move scan to show it

How far do you have to fill bar in monstro on kingdom hearts Chain of Memories?

You have to fill the bar up all the way.

Why doesn't it show how many experience points you need to get to the next level after level 99 on Kingdom Hearts 2?

Unlike the first Kingdom Hearts, the highest level that you can get in Kingdom Hearts II is level 99. This is why the experience bar no longer displays the next level.

How do you do the beginning dancing bit on kingdom hearts 2 atlantica?

Hit X when the bar is in the gold

In kingdom hearts how much HP does one bar hold?

If you mean for bosses, then it's 300 hp.

What is the max hp for Kingdom Hearts 2?

I don't know the number, but it reaches the end of your MP bar

How do you use the limit in kingdom hearts 3582?

if u wanna use the limit the health bar has to be in the yellow zone then hold down a

How do you get your drive bar to 9 on kingdom hearts 2?

Well everyone should know this The Drive Bar Only Goes To 7, People used Action Replay on the ps2 to cheat.

How do you find a orchilcum in Kingdom Hearts 2?

regular orachilum are found in treasure chests or bulky vendors (when the information bar says that there is a rare heartless) the vendors are hard to find and appear in certain places orechalum + are gotten as the story progresses and a chest in the World that never was: Brink of Dispair

What are the keyholes to appear in Kingdom Hearts 2?

The different keyholes are after you visit the first time and you get an object after the last boss you visit 2 times in each world like Atlantica is a bubble and when mielificent sucks you in to a dark place it is a salty sea ice cream bar from xeknort/riku he chose that form as ansem in Kingdom hearts 1 he actually was xeknort ansem the wise's assistant riku chose that form and king mickey promised not to tell sora:)

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