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Well, There is a pumpkin head for members but I am having trouble finding the pumpkin bucket. 2009 Happy Halloween!

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Q: In Club Penguin where are the 2009 Halloween items?
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Who judged the 2009 Halloween igloo contest on Club Penguin?

The creators of club penguin like happy77 or sensei or aunt arctic or rock hopper or penguin band or Candance or billybob10 i think you get the point...

Where are the free items on club penguin Christmas 2009?

ski village and if your a member on the top of the dance club

Why can't I get free items on Club Penguin?

Free items are only at party's or special events. The Halloween party is still here. You can get a free background!

How do you share items on Club Penguin?

you cant share items on club penguin

Club penguin catalog June 5 2009 hidden items?

it is not June 5th 2009 it is August

Where is the Halloween party in club penguin for 2010 for the stamp?

A Party is everywhere on club penguin.

How do you get Halloween stuff on Club Penguin?

The Halloween items, such as the pumpkin antenna, pumpkin head, some costume parts, and jack-o-lantern, are given out during the Halloween Party every October.

Where are free Club Penguin items?

you get free items unless you are a member of club penguin

Where are the treats in club penguin scavenger hunt?

for this Halloween it is a Halloween background.

When does Halloween come out on club penguin?

Probably NEVER. :D

Is there a night of the living sled 4 on club penguin?

No, Night of the Living Sled was the last one. Night of the Living Sled was released 2009. There was no change in the 2010 Halloween Party on Club Penguin.

Where is the Halloween mummy costume in club penguin?

there is no