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Beast Mage is not a class, it's a "build", basically, get a high Intelligence stat and high Charisma, and then use the best pets and spells that are available

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Q: In Adventure Quest how do you become a beast mage?
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How do you become a mage on Adventure Quest Worlds?

To become a mage on Adventure Quest Worlds, you can either start as a mage when you make your account or you can by it for 1000 gold from Arcana's shop in the trainers area.

I can't become a dragon on adventure quest why?

your not a mage or your not a rage

How do you change your race on adventure quest?

if you want to be a mage go to the wizard in his shop and say mage quests then you become a mage

In Adventure Quest how do you become a wizard?

go to warlic's place and click on mage quests and then click wizard quest

How do you become An adventure quest paladin?

You have to be a level 5 knight and mage, then go to Paladin Order

What is better in adventure quest fighter mage or rogue?

i suggest mage

Free accounts for adventure quest worlds?

Username:fighter345Password:qwertyLevel 42 Mage

What armor should you get for a mage level 29 on Adventure Quest?

dued get some mage robes and the best staff

How do you switch from a mage to a warrior in adventure quest worlds?

Just click your items and click your mage class then click equip.

Where do you train as a mage in adventure quest?

That`s quite simple go to warlic`s mage shop and click on class quests there you will find wizard or mage . select the mage :)

Where do you train for wizard in adventure quest?

go to walic's shop and click on mage quests then click on wizard quest (you have to be a lvl

In adventure quest worlds What is the difference between mage and priest?

Priests/Priestess heal, mages don't .