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click on twilly in town and click hello and then click vist stat trainers and then click on sir lancer or the mage and click luck.

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Q: How do you get luck in adventure quest?
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Where is artix in Adventure Quest Worlds?

Artix is a moderator, not an NPC. So good luck finding him (:

How do you find spear gun in adventure quest worlds?

i dont know but good luck tring to find out

Which is better Adventure Quest or Mech Quest?

adventure quest is better because in mech quest all you do shoot robots. but in adventure quest you get to do dventures and travel place

What are games that start with A?

adventure quest, adventure quest worlds,

How long does it take to get the transforming bunny spear on adventure quest worlds?

well is a chance of posibility...... good luck

How do you duplicate in Adventure Quest?

As far as I know, Adventure Quest has no such option.

How do you get star captain armour on adventure quest worlds?

http:/ if u upgrade on Mech Quest u get it!Good luck, Fixerr lvl 10 warriorBATTLEON!

Does verifying your guardian account on Adventure Quest to Mech Quest take away Adventure Quest guardian?

... NO

Where can i get Pictures of adventure quest worlds armor?

on the adventure quest worlds wiki

Is adventure quest worlds great game?

adventure quest is an awsome game

How do you get defender's class in adventure quest worlds?

You Must Have Upgrade Adventure Quest

Do you have to download or buy adventure quest?

no you don't have to buy or download adventure quest. It is free. BUT! if you want to become a member you have to pay adventure quest worlds is a monthly payment but adventure quest, dragon fable, mech quest and warpforce is a once in a lifetime payment