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ok all you have to do is this go to the guy near the boat and talk to the guy and he will ask you what island do you want to go to if your at island 1 he'll say island 1 2 or the city you went on the boat at if your on island 2 or 3 he'll say that city island 1 or3 if on island he'll say that city or island 1 or 2

I have the same problem and this isn't true... This man that you are talking about only sends you to the other Sevii Islands unless you do a bunch of other stuff.

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Q: Im stuck in leafgreen im on island 1 2 3 and i cant leave to get my sixth badge which i should have got before i went to the island how do i get off?
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What do you do after you got the 6th badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Head to Cinnibar Island for your next badge.

Where do you get the seventh badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Cinnabar Island, you need to surf South from Pallet Town.

How do you get the seventh badge on Pokemon LeafGreen?

its in cinnabar island, south of pallet town use surf to get there it is a fire gym

How do you go to the 7 badge Pokemon LeafGreen?

first go to cinnabar island second loo for the keys at the pokemon mansion

Where is the volcanobadge LeafGreen?

You get the Volcano Badge from defeating Blaine, the gym leader of Cinnibar Island. He uses Fire-type Pokemon.

What is the first gym badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the boulder badge from brock

Where do you get the fifth badge on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Fuschia city.

What city is the 8th badge in leafgreen?

Viridian city.

What do you do when you get your eighth badge in LeafGreen?

go to the elite 4

Where do you get the third badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Vermilion city.

Where can you get the eight gym badge in LeafGreen?

viridian city

What city do you get your 5th badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?