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To unlock ghille suits: winter-50 one shot kills, urban-100 one shot kills, and desert-150 one shot kills

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Q: Im sniping in mw2 but im not wearing a ghillie suit help?
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Why is a ghillie suit called a ghillie suit?

The ghillie suits were named after a group of Scottish hunters, known as Ghillies. When the First World War erupted, they wore those same suits as they wandered into no-man's-land to take up positions for sniping at German personnel.

How long does it take to make a ghillie suit?

it really depends on how advance you want it. for a complete guide on how to make a ghillie suit checkout for a comprehensive "How to" on ghillie suit videos go here:

When was a Ghillie Suit invented?

The History of the Ghillie Suit, begins during the 19th Century in Scotland.

What was the original purpose of the ghillie suit?

The ghillie suit's original purpose was to disguise British game wardens from poachers.

Is it illegal to have ghillie suit?

No, I doubt wearing a ghillie suit is illegal. Although I bet people you'd pass by will be looking at you as if you're crazy.

What Suit that soldiers cannot be seen by enemies?

a Ghillie suit

How pronounce ghillie suit?

It is pronounced "GIL-ee suit."

What is a snipers camouflage clothing called?

Ghillie suit

Who invented the ghillie suit and sniper?

Al Gore!

What is a ghillie suit?

A ghillie suit is a set of BDU's covered with natural vegetation or jute/burlap. It is generally used by snipers in the military, paintballers, hunters, etc. The point of the suit is to blend in with the environment and break up the silhouette of a human. Many people, instead of using just the suit, use their experience with ghillie suits by putting local vegetation into the suit.

How do you get the ghillie suit on call of duty madern warfare 2?

do the ghillie in the mist challenges. it's one of the 1st challenges you unlock

How do you make a ghillie suit out of wool?

I would say most likely the same was an a normal ghillie suit. Start with some 2x2 netting and mix up the wool as you tie it to the netting. Pretty simple ;)