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It all depends where you go. Usualy $20.

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Q: If you turned in your regular Xbox in how much will get?
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If i turned your Xbox 360 arcade into game stop how much would i get?


If you trade your Xbox in eb games for a Xbox 360 how much cost?

eb games or gamestop does not buy regular xbox so you will et no money for it.

Can you play Xbox one games on regular Xbox 360?

You can play many regular Xbox games on the Xbox 360.

If you turned your Xbox 360 router in how much would you get at gamestop?

They don't buy routers.

How do you go online on regular Xbox games on an Xbox 360?

You carnt because you get signed out of xbox live when you go on a regular xbox game

If you have a regular Xbox on Xbox live can you chat with Xbox 360?


What is the difference between a Microsoft xbox and a regular?

Personaly I think that the Microsoft Xbox and the regular one is that the Microsoft Xbox is smarter.

Does Xbox 360 play regular DVD?

yes the xbox itself will play regular dvds

Can Xbox 360 games be played on the regular Xbox?


Do Xbox 360 controllers work on a regular Xbox?

no they do not

Will a xbox 360 wireless headset charge without the xbox 360 turned off?

Yes. When i was charging it, I turned off my Xbox and the lights still indicated it was charging.

Can Guitar Hero be used for regular xbox?

No, no Guitar Hero games were ever made for the regular Xbox.