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No. It changes each file.

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Q: If you restart pokemon... do you still have the same ID number?
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How do you restart Pokemon black but still have the same Pokemon?

not possible unless you are willing to trade all your pokemon onto another game and trade them back once you have reset the game...

Can you restart the game in Pokemon soul silver?

yes the same way you do in Pokemon dimond pearl and platinum

Can you get the same special event if you restart your Pokemon platinum game?

it has to be on the same day of the next year

What are the ID numbers in Pokemon Ruby?

As soon as a trainer starts his or her journey, they are automatically assigned with an ID number. Every trainer has a unique ID number which is imprinted on every Pokemon he or she hatches or catches as well as the OT name. When you restart a game, even if it is in the same cartridge, the ID number is automaticaly changed.

How do you restart Pokemon white?

Go to the title screen where there's Zekrom and press Up, Select, B at the same time.

What Pokemon has the ID number of 44130?

Pokemon have the same ID number as their origanal trainer.

How do you restart your Pokemon Black game?

all you have to do is hold up select and b at the same time on the screen where reshiram or zekrom are at the start

Should I start my Pokemon sapphire over because I don't have a starter cause I migrated it to Pokemon diamond?

-yes if the Pokemon left stink -no if you have the same level Pokemon besides the starter then just continue or migrate that one two and then restart

What happens if cresslia faints in Pokemon pearl?

If Cresselia faints [same as any legendary pokemon] you cannot catch it ever unless you save before the battle and restart if you make a mistake.

When you migrate Pokemon from your gba game to Pokemon Platinum do you still have those same Pokemon in your gba game?


How can you start a new game and still have the same Pokemon in Pokemon ruby destiny?

no, you cannot

What do you do in the space shuttle in Pokemon emerald?

it depends on when you get on but i believe you can go up and catch iether deoxys or jirachi but im warning you if you try to do it again on the same Pokemon you wont be able to do it even if you restart!