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Q: If you release a Pokemon will you get back back the ball?
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If you release a Pokemon you caught with a master ball will you get your master ball back?

no u loose it :0

If i don't want this Pokemon will i get my poke ball back in Pokemon platinum?

no you cannot even you realese it. It is also cruel to release a Pokemon . no you can not get your pokeball back unless you have a mystery gameshark code

How do you get a second master ball in Pokemon firered?

you could save before getting it, get the master ball, have a Pokemon hold it, trade that Pokemon, turn game off then back on, get another master ball, and trade Pokemon back.

If you relese a Pokemon that was caut with a master ball do you get the master ball in Pokemon pearl?

No, you don't get it back.

If you release a Pokemon do you still keep the ball?

No, you cannot.

Can you trade Pokemon with ball capsules?

Yes, you can trade Pokemon with ball capsules. If you get your Pokemon back, your capsule will be missing. It isn't gone, it's in your PC box.

How do you get the master ball back if you all ready have a Pokemon in it on Pokemon heartgold version?

You cant

Will you be able to release Lapras back to its family in Pokemon AshGray?

Yes. It is possible to release Lapras back to its family in Pokemon Ash Gray.

How do you get Girantina back after release on Pokemon Plantium?

I'm Sorry But Once You Release A Pokemon, You Can't Catch It Again.

How do you get alight ball in Pokemon white?

You have to beat the 8th gym and then go back to the museum

Where is the Master Ball in Pokemon Sapphire?

back in your house you can only get it in the first hour of playing

How do you get masterballs on pokemon saphire?

You can get Master ball at where the Team Aqua hide out is. You should be able to get into a room with for item balls. the two in the front is Pokemon the two at the back is a master ball and nugget.