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If you didn't kill him, go to pallet town. Go in and out of it and route 1, running through the grass before every change to see if he's there. Eventually, he'll have to go to route 1 and you'll encounter him.

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Q: If you mess up catching Raikou the first time you see him how do you get to him again he goes the opposite way every time in Pokemon Fire Red?
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Where to find raikou after he faints in Pokemon SoulSilver?

After you beat the elite 4 again raikou starts roaming again.

How do you get raikou to join your team on Pokemon mystery blue rescue team?

Battle him again.

What if your friend got raikou ones and then he beat elite four again and now theres another raikou?

That is okay, when he beats Pokemon League, all the Legendary Pokemon come back to their original places.

Can you catch Suicune Entei and Raikou again after you did in Wintown in Pokemon Ranger but not by using the Drowzee man?


How do you bring back a legendary Pokemon if you killed him on Pokemon soul silver?

If you saved your game before catching the legendary Pokemon reset the game that way you can try catching it again.

Can you battle a lengendary Pokemon again if you defeat it in Pokemon soul silver?

Not unless it is entei or raikou or any pokemon that moves on ur map that u can see their heads

Where do you catch raikou on Pokemon HeartGold?

After you defeat the elite four, Raikou and Entei run around Johto. (Suicune can be captured in Kanto.) Your first encounter with Raikou is completely by luck and chance, but once you see raikou once, you can keep track of what area it is in. again, Raikou can be found in every route in Johto, but he changes location each time you enter a building, go to a different route, or enter a city.

How do you get a second chance of catching a legendary Pokemon that you accidentally defeated in Pearl?

You have to beat the Elite Four again.

Can you fight again with raikou after he flis?


How do you catch Raikou without a Master Ball?

Here are the most recommended steps on catching Raikou are:Bring a Pokemon with you that have the move Yawn, Hypnosis, Sing, or Sleep Powder and Mean Look. I recommend Yawn after using Mean Look to prevent it escaping and it has 100% accuracy.Bring many Ultra Balls if you can or Great Balls at least. I recommend bringing a Timer Ball for long battles, but that's not required! It's just easier!Encounter Raikou again and make sure your Pokemon with Mean Look is up front with a really high level. This will ensure your Pokemon to move first. After Mean Look is used, switch out your Pokemon to the one with the sleep-inducing move.Let your Pokemon use any of the sleeping moves, then damage Raikou till it's down to at least in yellow. Red is recommended, but it can be risky trying to get it to that low.Throw many Ultra Balls, about 5 of them, then throw an Timer Ball. Repeat till you capture it.

Where do you catch Scyther in Pokemon HeartGold?

Some pokemon only appear in the bug catching contestIF YOU HAVE BEATEN RED: National parkIF YOU HAVEN'T BEATEN RED: bug catching contest at national park-where i got mineDO NOT DELETE THIS AGAIN

Do you get a second chance to catch vizirion in Pokemon black?

Fight the Elite Four again. Everytime you win the champion, the 3 musketeers would be available for catching again.