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Yes, you do. You can see when your picking perks, it says "Increased Melee Distance+No falling damage."

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Q: If you have commando pro you get no fall damage but do you still have increased melee range?
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Dragon boots or snakeskin boots?

Dragon for melee training snakeskin for range training

How do you smite another player on minecraft?

To smite (kill) another player, you first have to be in melee range of them. Then simply attack them by left clicking until they die.

How do you get the ranger class on AQWorlds?

it has not been released yet... hopefully soon though.Do you know when it will be releasedUPDATE:Mark for Death, Rank 1 5 mana, 1.5 sec cooldownDeals light damage and applies Death Mark to your foe. Death Mark can stack up to 5 times unless consumed by a skill or allowed to fade, and reduces foe's damage up to 5% until consumed.Scorching Arrow, Rank 2 15 mana, 10 sec cooldownLaunches a flaming arrow at your enemy, dealing moderate damage, also burning them with a fire Damage over Time (DoT). Fire damage over time can be increased by Death Mark.Explosive Bolt, Rank 3 25 mana, 3 sec cooldownThis arrow has an explosive tip which explodes on impact, dealing high damage. Nearby foes can also be caught in the explosion for minor damage. Damage increased by Death Mark.Ranger Secrets, Rank 4 Passive AbilityIncreases Dexterity by 15%.Target Vitals, Rank 4 Passive AbilityCrit chance increased by 8%.Vampiric Shot, Rank 5 40 mana, 30 sec cooldownYou fire a magic arrow inscribed with runes at your target, dealing moderate damage to them but also applying a HoT effect to yourself. Both Damage and Heal Over Time effects are increased by Death Mark.From DN. :)OUT NOW.REQUIRED: Rank 10 SandseaCOINS: 50,000Update:Auto Attack2 sec cooldownPhysicalRangers have been thought the ancient artof attacking at any range,even witha melee weapon.SO: when they auto attack no matter with what weapon, you'll see hes attacking with a bow.

In Runescape is the void ranger or the helmet of neitiznot better for range I have both of them but I don't know which ones better for range so could someone tell me?

The Void Ranger Helmet, the Other Helmet is specifically for Melee use.

What is the button to attack on World of Warcraft?

To start a basic auto attack, just right click on the mob/player you want to attack. This works a little differently depending on the class you play. For melee and casters right clicking will start your basic auto attack. For melee this is good, not so much for casters. For hunters, right clicking will either start your shooting auto attack or your melee auto attack, depending on the range from the target. If you are close to the target, you will melee auto attack, which is not so good for hunters, you need to get some distance on your target. For all classes, your additional abilities and spells should be on your bars, and pushing those buttons should start the cast/ability you choose.

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Does the commando perk increase the range of the riot shield melee in Modern Warfare 2?

Yes, it increases the range of all melee attacks.

What is best ranged melee or mage?

range of course has the cheapest but lowest damage ranged attack rate. magic is very expensive but the amount of damage you can do is very good (with the right spell of course) and finally we come to melee worst to pk with if you ask me does great damage if your mems but provides you with very helpful stats useful in the world of rs. so if your rich be a mage if your average do range but only if you like the look of it and melee is good for poor or less wealthy players and it benefits well in the long run. please recommend me if you liked my answer.

Who is the strongest dota chartacter?

the strongest hero are: Strength: melee-axe range:huskar Agility: melee: ulfsaar range: jah'rakal Intelligence: melee: ogre magi range: zeus

What is the manufacture date and value on a Colt Commando with a serial number of 91676?

The last Colt Commando serial number was in the 50,000 range.

Should range pures train prayer in runescape?

if you plan on getting melee up, then yes, but it is VERY useful to have 44 prayer, (for anti-pjing, monster killing, increased max hits, etc)

Is range better than melee on runescape?

it depends what level range you are and what level in melee skills you will also depend on wheather you can afford better range equipment or melee equipment.but overall i would say that there both the same.because the melee there are alot of different sorts of potions for it and fro range there are only a few but range however has also many selesctions of bolts or arrows.melee also has a wide selection of weapons but range the enchanted bolts are really good.melle is also really good because you have your special(only available on some weapons)and you have god swords (which i am aiming to get at the moment) which have huge boosts and they also have a very good special(all are different from each other).well... that's all i have to say. good luck. Well, melee is supposed to be better than ranged according to the game guide. Its just a combat triangle which goes like this: melee>range|mage>melee|range>mage But if you are hitting any type of fighter that is stuck somehow, then range would be better (ex. a meleer that is frozen, glitched, or on an island.

What level range do you need to have to hit through rune?

You will cause damage at any level. But at higher levels you will cause more damage, and (I believe) you will have a higher probability of causing damage.On the other hand, ranged is at a disadvantage against a melee player. You are better off if you attack the melee player with magic. This is known as the "combat triangle":Magic has an advantage against melee.Melee has an advantage against ranged.Ranged has an advantage against magic.

Dose range lvl you up in runescape?

Only if the Range level stays above your melee & magic kill levels.

Dragon boots or snakeskin boots?

Dragon for melee training snakeskin for range training

Runescape best rang and melee armor ever?

Best Range Armour: Full Armadyl w/ Range boots n FireCapeBest Melee Armour: Full Bandos w/ D Boots, Dragon fire Shield & FireCape

Runescape is er a melee and range armor?

I don't think er is any kind of armour.

Runescape if green dragon hide range is what do blue and red and black?

green= range blue= magic red= melee black= all the above