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i have no idea what your talking about


you mean you want to trade any shiny Pokemon for a Regigigas or a Arceus?


yep as long as its not legendary

cuz i relly want arceus and regigigas


here are all my shinys

psyduck x4, dratini x2, gyarados x4, bronzong x1, seaking x2, machop x1, larvitar x1, geodude x4, skarmory x1, camerupt x3, pelipper x1, golduck x2, shinx x1, staravia x1, shellos (pink) x3, graveler x2, banette x1, snover x2, sneasel x7, bronzor x5, gible x1, raichu x1, bidoof, x2, bibarel x1, rhydon x2, weezing x1, numel x1, machoke x2, magcargo x1, meditite x3, madicham x2, kricketune x2, fearow x1, gastradon(pink) x3, floatzel x2, ditto x3, chingling x1, cleffa x1, nosepass x2, whiscash x4, zubat x2, illumise x1, dugtrio x2, hippopotas x1, unown x3.


i also do requests if you have friend code is 0603 8229 6574


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Q: If you have Arceus or regigigas i will find almost any shiny Pokemon that is not legendary and trade it for one of them?
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Does anyone have the list of pokemon that Ditto can mate with?

Ditto can mate with almost all other Pokemons, except : Legendary Pokemon, and another Ditto...

What legendary Pokemon can you get in platinum?

These are the Legendary Pokemon you can find/migrate in platinum After you enter in the hall of fame. you can however get some before entering the hall of fame, and some need special events or an action replay/gameshark to catch. after visiting pal park then wil prof oak go to his house and he wil say where zapdos , moltres and articuno is ( but i don't know where his house is,, forgotten ) Pokemon you need to migrate: Regirock/Regice/Registeel - Rayquaza - Kyogre - Groudon - Latias - Latios Pokemon you can get before entering the hall of fame: Uxie - Azelf - Mesprit - Giritina Pokemon you can get after you enter the hall of fame: Dialga - Palkia - Cresellia - Heatran - Giritina - Regigigas Pokemon you need to go to a special event or use an action replay/gameshark for: Deoxys - Celebi - Lugia - Ho oh - Shaymin - Darkrai - Manaphy - phione - Jarachi - P.S. You can only get 1 giratina in the game. It doesn't matter wheather you get it before or after entering the hall of fame. P.S.S. Im not sure about Dialga and Palkia, best go for them after entering the hall of fame though, just in case. P.S.S.S. To get Phione you need a Manaphy and breed it with a Ditto. P.S.S.S.S. To get Regigigas you need the other Regies in your party. it can be found on the bottom floor of the temple just north of snowpoint city.

Can Arceus learn roar of time and spacial rend?

No it can,t. roar of time is dialga's signature move and spacial rend is palkia's signature move, and only those Pokemon can learn the corresponding moves. By cheating and hacking of course you can do almost anything! If you want, you can make a magikarp that is much than all the Pokemon combined!!! I don't know if this is resolved, but yes, an Arceus can learn Spacial Rend Roar of Time and Shadow Force. The only way to get that though, is to have the special 12th movie Japanese Arceus.

What legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald can run away in battle and where can you catch latios or latias and can you catch them before beating the elite four?

only Latios and latias can flee from battles plus the randomly appear making them almost immpossible to catch. they can be caught beforew the elite four

Can you breed Milotic with Ditto?

You can breed almost any Pokemon with Ditto except: a legendary Pokemon (no sign). Also sometimes you might have gotten the wrong Ditto because I have two Ditto's: one only mates with guys and the other only with girls. So you might want to try different Ditto's if the one you have does not mate with the Pokemon you want it to.

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Is there anyone dt wnts 2 trade on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with me?

sure i can tradre you almost any shiny non-legendary in Pokemon diamond for arceus or regigigas

Is Arceus going to be on Pokemon?

If you are talking about t.v., then yes. There is a Pokemon Movie 12 coming out in 2010 and it has almost every Legendary including ARCEUS.

Where can you find legendary Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

well there is legendary Pokemon in almost every area just keep searching

What moves can you never avoid in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

Almost all legendary PokeMon's attack but not all legendary PokeMon.

Can you breed an Eevee with out a Ditto?

Totally! Ditto can breed with almost every Pokemon (except legendary Pokemon...)

How do you breed Deoxys?

As is the case with almost every legendary Pokemon, Deoxys is unable to breed.

Are there any cheat codes to catch regigigas?

I don't even think in Pokemon you can use cheat codes because I have almost every game. Unless you mean Pokemon online then no

How do you get lengederes on Pokemon platinum?

you can get palkia, dialga, rotom, and girantina with out cheats, but with cheats you can get arceus, celebi, dakrai, cresselia, mewtwo, and almost any Pokemon you can think of

Can you capture a legendary Pokemon?

Of course. At the end of almost every game you will find one in the end.

What is the best legendary Pokemon ever?

it's arceaus, because its almost nearly maxed out, and it can learn almost any move in the fame

When was Almost Legendary created?

Almost Legendary was created in 2009.

Does anyone have the list of pokemon that Ditto can mate with?

Ditto can mate with almost all other Pokemons, except : Legendary Pokemon, and another Ditto...