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Azelf will disappear from the game once you flee from it in Pokémon Diamond. It cannot respawn in Pokémon Diamond since that feature for Legendary Pokémon was not implemented at that point in time.

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Q: If you flee from azelf in Pokemon Diamond what happens?
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If you flee from azelf will it come back in Pokemon Diamond?

it is very hard to get azelf and mesprit and uxie. in my Pokemon diamond, azelf and mesprit fled the battle. if you want to find them, use your matching Pokemon app on your watch and DO NOT FLY UNDER ANY CONDITIONS. IF YOU FLY, THE POKEMON WILL ALSO FLY AND YOU WILL NEVER FIND THEM. DO NOT LOSE HOPE!!

If you flee from azelf will it come back in Pokemon pearl?

Yes, Azelf will respawn, if you have fled or accidentally faint it, after defeating the Pokemon League.

How do you get azelf after he flees the cavern?

Its not Azelf its Mesprit that flees and you get it by using the Pokemon tracker app and you wil need a Pokemon with mean look so Mesprit does not flee.

If Azelf flees the cavern will it come back in Pokemon Diamond?

No, Azelf will not come back in Pokémon Diamond once you have defeated it in a battle or you have ran from the battle. Mesprit, 1 of the 2 Pokémon that you encounter in a cave, it will flee once you interact with it but you will be able to run into it as you're walking across the region.

Where did azelf flee off to after it left the cave of being in Pokemon black 2?

Route 18

What lengendiers are in Pokemon Diamond?

What you can catch in Pokemon diamond without migrating it are legendaries are... Dialga, Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit, Heatran, Giratina, Cesselia, Regigigas, Rotom, and Celibi. Really you can find Celibi in Solaeon Ruins but it is EXTREMALY rare. A once in a lifetime and it will flee as soon as possible.

If you flee from azelf will it come back in platinum?


Pokemon Diamond how to get the mespirt?

to get mesprit go to the lake beside where you live and go to the cavern in the middle. go to the Pokemon and press A, you see a picture of him and it flies away. it then goes roaming around the region and you can see where it goes with a poketch app. when you find it, it will be VERY hard to catch and it will flee after the first turn, even if you put it to sleep. if it is faster than you it will instantly flee before your Pokemon can do anything so you should save a master ball for it. personally i think that its not that good anyway and that Azelf would slaughter it in a battle. (Azelf and uxie don't roam around the region)

How do you save the Pokemon of the lakes in Pokemon Platinum?

when they are in the lakes use a Pokemon with surf, there will then be an island in the middle, enter the island, the three possible Pokemon are azelf, uxie, and mesprit. you get one shot then they flee to a place on the map.

Where can find azelf uxie mesprit when they flee?

When you catch dialga/palkia or defeat them, you can catch azelf and uxie in the lakes.Mespirit will flee so you gotta get a poketech radar to track it down.

What happens if you flee from one of the regis in Pokemon ruby?

If you flee from one of the Regis in Pokemon Ruby it will disappear from the game. This is the same for all Legendary Pokemon in all Pokemon games. The Roaming Legendary Pokemon are an exception as they can flee from battle without disappearing.

How does the bait and mud work in the great marsh in Pokemon diamond?

The bait in the great marsh makes a Pokemon stay longer. However if you use too much it could startle the Pokemon and make it flee. The mud when used makes a Pokemon easy to capture but has a high chance of making the Pokemon flee.