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Its not Azelf its Mesprit that flees and you get it by using the Pokemon tracker app and you wil need a Pokemon with mean look so Mesprit does not flee.

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Q: How do you get azelf after he flees the cavern?
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Whats in acuity cavern in Pokemon diamond?

The Pokemon in there is a Legendary Pokemon named Azelf. So good luck catching her/him. -Camille

How do you find the 3 legendary Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

In order to find the 3 Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Pearl which are likely Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie, first you have to free them from their traps in the Team Galactic Veilstone Building. Once that has been done, you can find Uxie in its cavern in Lake Acuity. Azelf can be found in its cavern in Lake Valor. You will find Mesprit in its cavern in Lake Verity however as soon as you interact with Mesprit, it will fly off and it will begin to roam around the entire Sinnoh region. Helpful recommendations for battling Azelf and Uxie in order to catch them is first make sure to save your game before interacting with them in order to start the battle with them because they cannot regenerate once you knock them out. Additionally any Poké Ball will work on them but Dusk Balls are recommended due to battling them inside of a cave.

Is Azelf legendary in Pokemon?

Azelf is a legendary Pokemon.

What happens in Pokemon Diamond if you knock out Azelf?

If you knock out Azelf in Pokemon Diamond, Azelf will be gone forever (unless you have saved before battling Azelf and shut off the game and turn it back on to try again).

Can you get uxie and azelf after they disappear?


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What happens if azelf is not in the cavern when you defeat the elite four in Pokemon pearl?

he is always there but, if you defeat azelf he will dissapear and never be in the cavern

If Azelf flees the cavern will it come back in Pokemon Diamond?

No, Azelf will not come back in Pokémon Diamond once you have defeated it in a battle or you have ran from the battle. Mesprit, 1 of the 2 Pokémon that you encounter in a cave, it will flee once you interact with it but you will be able to run into it as you're walking across the region.

What do you do in valor cavern?

catch a azelf and rome around

How can you catch Azelf in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to go to lake verity cavern and catch it.

Where is azelf in Pokemon Diamond version?

at lake valor. It's the lake directly below Veilstone. It's probably the easiest way if you don't mind meating some pokemon. Azelf will be in the cavern in the center of the lake. you'll need surf obviously. Azelf will be waiting for you in the center of the cavern.

Where do you catch azelf in Pokemon diamond?

After you catch dialga you go to Valor Lake and use surf across it. Then you go in the cavern and azelf in inside it.

Whats in acuity cavern in Pokemon diamond?

The Pokemon in there is a Legendary Pokemon named Azelf. So good luck catching her/him. -Camille

How do you catch azelf in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to go to lake valor. use surf at the water's edge and run away any Pokemon that attacks you. when you get to the middle of the lake there will be a cavern. head into the cavern and azelf will be floating in the middle of the puddle of water inside the cavern. run up to it(no gender) and press a. music will start playing and it will tell you you have found a wild azelf. weaken it with your Pokemon and throw a pokeball or just use a masterball(Which you can get from an action replay - i have about 2000 of them :D), and there you have it. remember, bring a whole bunch of revives and stuff because azelf if a tough sort of Pokemon. it is likely to use uproar, which prevents using rest, which sleeps you but regains your health and heals your status. Have fun!

How do you obtain Azelf in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You get it by going to one of the 3 lakes and into the caves. I think you have to do some stuff before they apear in the caves. Azelf- Valor Cavern Cave found in center of Valor Lake by Pastoria City and Sunyshore City Mesprit- Verity Cavern Cave found in center of Verity Lake by Sandgem Town Uxie- Acuity Cavern Cave found in center of Acuity Lake by Snowpoint City Hope that helps!! =D

How do you get azelf in Pokemon pearl?

After you have finished the main plot and defeated the Elite Four, go to Lake Valor with a Pokemon that knows the HM Surf. Surf to the center of the lake, where there will be a small island. Go inside the cave (Valor Cavern) and Azelf will be an interactable ledgendary there. You can fight and capture him/her/it.

Where can you find Azelf after Team Galactic blows up lake Valour in Pokemon diamond?

After Team Galactic has been defeated at the Spear Pillar, go back to the Lake Valor Cavern and he will be there. :)

When azelf uxie mesprit flee where can you find them?

You find them all at separate lakes. You can catch Uxie and Azelf at their lakes. Mesprit flees again when you go to her lake. You need to use the map marker poketch app to find it. PS: Don't fly towards the Mesprit. It will go to a different spot then. Use your bike or run to get to it.