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yes.but my advice is to save in front of the regi before you fight it and if you die or kill it turn of an turn on again so it wont be lost

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Q: If you die against a regi can you still catch it on Pokemon sapphire?
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Can you still catch thundurus in Pokemon white if he faints?


Do you need to catch all Pokemon to complete the pokedex in Pokemon emerald?

Unfortunately, you have to catch, trade, or somehow own every Pokemon in the pokedex. If you had it at one time and traded it, it still is in your pokedex.

Can you catch missingno in yellow version?

No because the man who teaches you how to catch Pokemon will not show you how to catch Pokemon no matter how many times you talk to him plus if he does show you how to catch Pokemon and you go to cinnibar island and try to find missingno it still will not show up ever.

Is fighting good against dragon?

Unfortunately, fighting Pokemon are not super-effective against dragon-type Pokemon. However, if the fighting-type (move or Pokemon) is strong enough, it can still do substantial damage against a dragon-type Pokemon.

Which one is better Pokemon Ruby Sapphire or Emerald?

i think that sapphire is better than sapphire than rubyANSWERi think that sapphire and ruby are better, than emerald.emerald is basically just copying sapphire and ruby.ANSWERemerald is also stupid! because when you catch rayquaza its not level 70 like in Pokemon sapphire an ruby.ANSWERNo Emerald is better because Rayquaza is at lvl. 70 on Emerald and Groudon and Kyogre are lvl. 70 too but in Sapphire and Ruby they are level 40 like the three Regis and Emerald isn't a copy its just a remake of Sapphire and Ruby and has more Pokemon and u can rebattle the Gym Leaders and they even have an extension to the Safari Zone allowing you to get Aipom Pineco Teddiursa Houndour Miltank Gligar Mareep Stantler (who is very rare) Sunkern HootHoot Snubbull and other Johto Pokemon along with Phanpy which is also found in Sapphire and Ruby. Also when you rebattle the Gym Leaders they battle in a double format making u send out 2 Pokemon and they even use Pokemon from different regions and Pokemon they didn't have the first time you battled them.I'm a pro so i like Pokemon firered, but ruby and sapphire are the best hoenn Pokemon games. ANSWER I prefer sapphire though. because kyogre is water and groudon is ground. water is super effective against ground and fire. So basically Kyogre is better than Groudon. Ruby and Sapphire also look cooler. :)Groudon isn't fire its just ground but he can learn fire moves and that's what makes him hard core.Answer- If you have Heart Gold&Plantinum I would choose Ruby because Ruby is cheaper than Emerald,when you migrate you Regis from Ruby you can get Regigias,you can get Latios from Ruby and since Latias is in HG you can have both,since Groudon is in Ruby and Kyogre is in HG you can now get Rayquaza,and if you got the Nintendo Event for Ruby and Sapphire you can get Jirachi&Deoxys. (If you want all the legendaries like I do even do Emerald has Mew and Deoxys but still with an event though I'd still get Ruby just trade the extra Trio Legend Birds (Zapdos,Moltres,Articuno)for Mew,Deoxys,Shaymin,etc.)

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Where do you catch a dotto and Pokemon sapphire?

You can catch a dotto at the safari zone and im still working on the last part.

Do you think I should migrate my Sapphire Legendaries to Diamond Im just not sure working so hard to catch them in sapphire?

Yes you'll still have the same Pokemon

How do you still Pokemon from trainer in Pokemon Sapphire?

No, you can't steal Pokémon from other trainers in Pokémon Sapphire.

Where do you get mewtwo in Pokemon Fire Red but what if the person is still there do you have to catch 60 Pokemon?

You must complete some stuff. Yu have to get the national pokedex(yes, 60 pokespecies and then prof oak) then you have to get Sapphire and ruby for Celio

Is Pokemon emerald ruby and Sapphire still out in 2012?

of course,they are being sold.

Do they still sell Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

fart yes hay ahy

What if all Pokemon boxs are can you still catch Pokemon?

if your party is not full

How do you get all Pokemon Sapphire?

Most of them you can catch in the wild. Some of them you can only get by leveling up. others you can only get by trading with another player. And others, still, you can not get at all [as far as I know] unless you use a cheat.

What do you do after beating stark mountain?

nothing really unless you still have more Pokemon to catch POKEMON GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!(or do you?)

Can you still get the shiny beldum in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire?

No, the event ended on January 14, 2015

Can you still catch thundurus in Pokemon white if he faints?


If you migrate a Pokemon from for example FireRed can you still catch that kind of Pokemon in FireRed?

Each Pokemon's saved data stores the original trainer and sometimes the location where it was found. So the migrated-to game knows you did not catch it there. All the Pokemon you caught in your game will have your unique ID just as well. You can re-catch any Pokemon in Fire Red who are not the legendary. For example if you caught Moltres and trade it to your Sapphire game, then you CAN NOT go back to Mt. Ember and expect it to re-appear. But other Pokemon in the game who are not unique you should have no problem finding plenty of replacements.