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Q: If you could ouse one word to describe crispin what would it be?
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Where can you find coin case on pokemon ash's quest?

After you have cured Jigglypuff's sore throat near neon city the blonde guy by the gate ouse will give it to you.

Interactive buddy scripts?

explode(xy) that is for money if(getMouseDown(),water(getXMouse(),getY Mouse(),0,-40,40,5,20,50,false) say("AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! A TORNATO!!!",5),0); for controllable tornado(you may want to change to none in items and hand) X(a),getY(a)+1 0,0,0,5,2));if(getY(a)>300,destroy(aa));if(getY(a)>370,explode(getX(a),getY(a),.5 ));if(t%30==0,assign(b,create( "bowlball",random()*500,40,0,5 00));fire(getX(b),getY(b)+10,0 ,0,5,2));if(getY(b)>300,destroy(b));if(getY(b)>300,destroy(b));if(getY(b)>370,explode(getX(b),getY(b),.5 ));if(t%40==0,assign(c,create( "bowlball",random()*500,40,0,4 00));fire(getX(c),getY(c)+10,0 ,0,5,2));if(getY(c)>300,destroy(c));if(getY(c)>370,explode(getX(c),getY(c),.5 ));if(getY(b)>300,destroy(b));if(getY(b)>370,explode(getX(b),getY(b),.5 ));if(t%40==0,assign(c,create( "bowlball",random()*500,40,0,4 00));fire(getX(c),getY(c)+10,0 ,0,5,2));if(getY(c)>300,destroy(c));if(getY(c)>370,explode(getX(c),getY(c),.5 )); use for meteor shower yPosa=yPosa+20; shock(xPosa,yPosa); if(yPosa>370,xPosa=random()*500); if(yPosa>370,yPosa=20); yPosb=yPosb+30; shock(xPosb,yPosb); if(yPosb>370,xPosb=random()*500); if(yPosb>370,yPosb=20); yPosc=yPosc+40; shock(xPosc,yPosc); if(yPosc>370,xPosc=random()*500); if(yPosc>370,yPosc=20); for shooting stars witch electrocute him

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