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When your sim dies you get the daisy from their grave when it appears and the blood orange (i dont know where it is) and craft the death daisy potion on the best crafting bench (number 3) and then go back to your dead sim and give them it they will come back alive.Hope this helps.

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Q: If a sim dies on sims 2 castaway can you bring them back to life?
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How can I switch Sims when your Sim dies on The Sims 2 castaway?

if you have two and if you have 2 you can bring the dead one back to life

How can i get the death daisy in the sims2 castaway?

A death daisy will appear on the grave of a dead sim. Then you can use it to bring them back to life. You cant get it unless someone dies, because all you use it for is to bring people back to life.

If someone dies on sims 2 castaway where would he be?

If you're person dies on the sims 2 castaway there grave stone would be whearever they were when they died. If you pick the death daisy (the flower on/next to the grave stone) and make the death dasiy potion you can bring that simm back to life

Does suigetsu dies?

no he does not die they bring him back to life

When did Tommy die?

he dies in 1995 he was shot and they could not bring him back to life

How do you save the mayor on drawn to life?

sorry but he dies. you cant bring him back.

How do you resurrect the dead pilot on the Sim's 2 castaway?

Dude... you're screwed. there is no way to bring him back to life if u saved after he died.

What's the point in the death daisy on Castaway Wii?

collect the death daisy and make the death daisy potion to bring them back to life

In The Sims 2 castaway ps2 how do you kill sims?

Make them starve or fall asleep on water. You can bring them back to life with a death daisy potion.

Where is the death daisy in sims 2 castaway?

The death daisy is located where one of your Sims has died. If it is found you get to bring your dead Sim back to life!

How do you bring dead pets back to life on sim's 2 pets?

you cant bring a pet back to life but if a sim dies and you have their grave, then you might be able to see the sims ghost once and a while

In Tokyo mew mew do the mew mews die?

Ichigo dies to bring back Mayasa, but she comes back to life in the end

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