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One fishing pole on the left hand side by the light house.

One dolphin in the upper right on the chair. One dolphin on the upper left inside the white shell.

Mouse trap behind the swan's butt on the left.

Two bags: one base ball bat leaning against the brown ta le on the left. One black bat under the letter r over the sail on the boat.

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On the bottom right hand side of page 13, there are three children's blocks. The top on is a picture of the tub.

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Q: I spy treasure hunt book pg 12-13 where is the tub?
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Where is the face of a man in the book i spy treasure hunt?

the face of a man is in the lightning blot.

I Spy treasure hunt book page 18 19 where's the ski?

It is above the door.

I spy treasure hunt book page 24 25 where is the crow?

On cave ceiling on page 24

You spy treasure hunt book page 14-15 where is the bell?

The book is "I Spy". Page 14. House labeled Meeting House has the bell on the front of the roof.

In the you Spy book called treasure hunt page 26 and 27 where is a saw?

upper middle crack of the page

In you spy treasure hunt book pages 16 and 17 where are the three ducks?

In the hidden object book, "I Spy: Treasure Hunt" on pages 16 and 17 a person can find the three ducks by looking at the shape of the pond, the duck in the pond, and the name of the building. The building has the word Duck in the nameplate.

Where is the snake in I spy a treasure hunt?

on the picture frame

How do you finish I Spy Treasure Hunt on the computer game?

In I spy treasure hunt when the map is complete where do you find the eyepatch? When the map is complete, and you head to the red X, it does nothing.

Where are the two ships at port on page 15 of the I Spy Treasure Hunt Book?

one of the ships is right in the middle of the book one of the ships is right in the middle of the book

Where is a moon in you spy treasure hunt?

The moon in I Spy treasure hunt is page 28-29. Its to the right of the wishbone tree and above the cart. The moon is actually a rock figure.

Where is the nabooti mask for treasure hunt in Poptropica?


Where is the pirate in you spy treasure hunt?

In yer booty! Arr!