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i have a anorith and i need a lileep my trainen number is 2121302

hey 2121302 I'm trading our code is1659274

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Q: I need a anorith on tppc. ill trade you a lileep if you sell a anorith on private sale for drmiewlo i only have 816330 after i get an anorith i willdo a privat lileep sale with you?
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What are the fossils in Pokemon emerald?

Claw Fossil - Anorith Root Fossil - Lileep

Fossil Pokemon Ruby?

Anorith and Lileep.

How do you get lileep and anorith?

you can't... unless you and a friend get together and trade

What are the extinct Pokemon names in Pokemon emerald?

Lileep and Anorith

Anorith or lileep?

lileep. According to my research, lileep has a special ability called storm drain, that is, absorb all water attacks. lileep also is ineffected by any attack (Reg. or lower damage dealt to lileep) except for ice moves. Lileep will prove useful against Wallace in the long run. Anorith has swift swim, which is a common ability.

Where to get amorith in emerald? - explains how to get both fossils, containing anorith and lileep which can be revived at the Devon corporation in rustboro city. anorith is in the claw fossil, lileep is the root fossil.

Which fossil is which in emerald?

The claw fossil is Anorith and the root fossil is lileep =D

What is the oldest Pokémon you can get on Pokémon Emerald?

anorith,armaldo,lileep or cradily(from fossils)

Pokemon Sapphire-what Pokemon do you get from a claw fossil?

You'll get an Anorith. CLAW fossil- anorith root fossil-lileep helix fossil- kabuto

How do you get lileep when have anorith?

you have an anorith. So go to Fallabour town on the edge of town there is a guy who looks for fossils. He's in his house. He dug this hole. Go in it. Once you're in just follow the path. When you get to the end there is this fossil. Take it. It is a lileep fossil.

What are the Pokemon that come out of the fossils in emerald?

The fossil Pokemon available in Pokemon Emerald include Anorith, revived from the Claw Fossil, and Lileep, revived from the Root Fossil.

What Pokemon is the root fossil in Pokemon sapphire?

root fossil is lileep claw fossil is anorith