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I need to know the samething

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Q: I bought a cooking book on the sims 3 for wii. How do I get to it and read it?
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How do you get your sim on sims 1 to study for cooking?

Buy a bookcase and then have them study for cooking by reading a book.

On sims 3 how do you read a book?

To have your Sim read a book in The Sims 3, click on a bookshelf or bookcase, select the option to "Read..." and then choose a book from the list. Your Sim will sit down and start reading once you've made the selection.

How do you make recipes on sims 3?

Buy a bookshelf for your house then buy recipe books and read them, or improve your cooking skill by cooking more, or taking cooking classes at the 2 restaurants.

How do you relax on sims 3?

Watch tv. Play on computer. Read a book.

Can you read your baby a bedtime story on the Sims?

The acctual baby cannot read the book,but should be able to have a parent do it.

How do you read the war crimes docket in sims 3 medieval?

It will show up as a book in your inventory. Click Read =)

How do you get a cooking skill on sims 3 ambitions?

The cooking skill is just like in the base game. You get the cooking skill from cooking.

What food can sims cook on The Sims 2?

The higher the cooking level, the more types of food they can make. If you were to have your cooking level max out, you have a TON of options.

How do you visit your vacation home on sims 2 bon voyage I bought one but i dont know how to get to it?

you have to book a vacation to the location of your vacation home.

How do you gain a level in cooking skill on sims 3?

Just keep cooking and you will eventually gain a cooking skill.

How do you gain handiness in sims 3 ambition?

You can gain handiness skill by repairing objects that are broken or you can buy a book from the book store and read it to gain the skill like that.

I bought Sims 3 then Sims 3 world adventures but I don't have Riverview?

that is because you have to download riverview from the sims 3 website!