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Never heard of it. Although, there is a gold Lugia.

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Q: IS there such thing as a brown Lugia?
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What do you do after killing shadow Lugia?

theres no such thing!

What is the action replay code in Pokemon diamond to get dark Lugia?

Sorry mate. No such thing as dark lugia

If you have a lugia can you make it a shadow lugia?

No, you can't. The only Shadow Lugia is in Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness. You can't trade the Shadow Lugia to your GBA games, but once purified, you can.well you can but you have to use a shadow orb make it hold and then you have a shdow lugia

Is there such a thing as a shadow lugia Pokemon player card?

no but dark

Where is the best place to catch shadow Lugia in Pokemon soulsilver?

There is no such thing as the Shadow Luiga. To catch the Shiny Lugia though, you need to find the code.

Is there an Action Replay code for Pokemon diamond that gives you a shiny absol and a shadow Lugia?

Absol:Yes there is no such thing as a shadow lugia but you can make one as a hack (not for games0

How do you catch dark Lugia in Pokemon silver?

you go to the third gym you go up you go to the grass and you randomly walk around and voila! dark lugia if you want shiny do the same thing but release your mew and mewtwo and there is shiny lugia.

I saw a Pokemon in a video in YouTube that looked like Lugia but it was black with white eyes does anybody know anything about it?

Black Lugia thingThat "thing" is Shadow Lugia, or XD001, the first shadow Pokemon that can't be purified. Wait, XD001 has red eyes! :)

Is there such thing as a brown puffle?

yes their is such thing as a brown puffle i have ONE!

What is Lugia's ocean version?

there is no such thing as Pokemon lugia ocean version

What are the forms of Lugia?

regular lugia and shadow lugia.

How do you get lugia on pokemonindigo?

you can get lugia by going to rooms and type lugia for the room name and there will be lugia rooms