How you hold you tou sign in cp?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You only where tours hat and press w

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Q: How you hold you tou sign in cp?
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Whare can you get a CP?

you don't by a cp,you just sign up

How do you do a handstand on cp?

get a boombox then break dance and hold d

Can tou sign you up for be-bo?

yes you can sine up for but you must be at a sertan age

How do you make the puffle icon on club penguin?


How do you do the second field op on cp?

go to ski hill at the sign and click on spy phone

How do you do the igloo emote on cp?

to make the igloo emote just hold down 'e' and then press 'i'

Why do you use a plus sign for a protron?

Protons hold a positive sign, which is represented by the plus sign. Similarly, electrons hold a negative charge, which is represented by a negative sign.

What cp cheats are there?

Hold down "t" on the keyboard and click (left) wildly. you will now be firing snowballs rapidly!

Can someone get you a Pottermore account?

No, you must sign up for you own account. It is against the Pottermore TOU to acquire another user's account.

How do you take a screen shot on morrowind?

You can if you have a cp all you have to do is hold the PrtSc button and the Ctrl button then go to the open document and there it is.

How do you draw on the chalkboard in cp?

you have to hold down on the mouse and then press either up or down: up is a penguin, down is a puffle :)

How do you get the green puffle on cp?

if your a member you can buy it... but anyways you can buy it at the pet shop. click on the sign where it says adopt a puffle. XD