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I prevent it by doing what needs to be done first, then playing. As simple as that sounds, I think many online gamer's procrastinate, as with every addiction. I feel it is okay to play for many hours but get your stuff done first then play! Ask yourself, is my homework done? And other tasks as well, like chores and what not. The game will be there for a long time if it is an online game with a community.

Also, think about how much you love to play, but in order to play you usually need to pay for these online games, and in order to have money one needs to be economically stable outside of this game. So in order to play , get your stuff done outside the game or you wont be able to even play at all at some point. Do not let a computer game control you! I have played online games for 7 years plus, and have not let my life fall apart due to a game, but I have seen people lose people they love, jobs, chances because of a game and do not let that be you.

So just think about it and be a strong person. The games do not disappear.

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Q: How will you prevent the rampant addiction as a student like you to online games?
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