How tall is bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He's 176 centimeters, or 5.774 feet in height.

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Q: How tall is bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh?
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What manga series is yami bakura in?

Yugioh :)

Who does Gastly's voice in Pokemon episode 20 of season 1?

i think it does the one who also does for bakura in yugioh last season of first series of course

Is marik ishtar from Yugioh gay?

Well his evil dark side is but marik himself is also half evil

Who is bakura?

Bakura is the guy that has the Millenium ring who occasionly gets possessed by thief king Bakura

How old is bakura?

well... if Yami is 5000 years old then so is Bakura. (yami no Bakura, the mean one)

When was Ryo Bakura created?

Ryo Bakura was created in 1996.

Does bakura have a crush on tea?

No, Bakura doesn't have a crush on any character.

Does Yami Bakura slaughter people?

Yami Bakura does not slaughter people.

Who would win frieza or bakura?

Du, bakura, he has done it longer

How many pages does The Truce at Bakura have?

The Truce at Bakura has 311 pages.

When was The Truce at Bakura created?

The Truce at Bakura was created on 1993-12-01.

Is bakura good or evil from yu-gi-oh?

Yami Bakura, the evil, 5000-year-old spirit that dwells within the Millenium Ring that Bakura holds, is evil. The real Bakura, however, is gentle and kind.