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Crunch-80 chance at lowering defense

Night Slash-70 high critical hit chance

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Q: How strong is crunch and night slash?
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Should Slash or Night Slash be TM140?

Sources say... Night Slash...

Which should be a TM Slash or Night Slash?

I think night slash because more Pokemon can learn slash but few can learn night slash if it weren't a TM

Where is TM night slash in diamond?

there is no night slash in diamond

What are ontomatopoeia words for fell?

crash, thump, crunch, slash, whomp

What level does sceptile learn night slash?

Sceptile, to my knowledge, is incapable of learning Night Slash.

What are all the moves for Sharpedo in Pokemon?

The moves that Sharpedo can use are Scary Face, Rage, Focus Energy, Leer, Feint, Bite, Night Slash, Swagger, Screech, Ice Fang, Assurance, Slash, Crunch, Aqua Jet, Agility, Taunt and Skull Bash.

What moves do grimslys Pokemon know?

In Pokémon Black and White, Grimsley's Pokémon consist of Liepard, Krookodile, Scrafty and Bisharp. The moves that Liepard know are Fake Out, Attract, Aerial Ace and Night Slash. Scrafty's moves are Crunch, Poison Jab, Brick Break and Sand-attack. Krookodile's moves are Foul Play, Crunch, Earthquake and Earthquake and Bisharp's moves are X-scissor, Night Slash, Aerial Ace and Metal Claw.

What level does absol learn night slash?

Absol learns the move Night Slash at level 41. Absol also learns the Psychic type version of Night Slash called Psycho Cut at level 47.

How strong are the polar bear's jaws?

Strong enough to crunch through bones of a walrus or even a human.

What level can gallade learn night slash?

Gallade can learn night slash, but not by level up. To teach Gallade night slash the player most go to Pastoria city and go to the south part of the city then go into the house at the top right of the southern part of the city. There is a guy who can teach Gallade night slash for a heart scale and all other moves it learns before that. I hope that helped!

What is better night slash or foul play?

foul play

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